Color formatter for table

I'm trying to get the color formatter working for a Kibana EuiBasicTable object, but I'm not seeing any changes. If I load a "Data Table" from the "New Visualization" selection window in Kibana, that table does show my color formatter changes. Can someone tell me if the EuiBasicTable supports the color formatter? Also, what table object is used for the "Data Table" widget in the Kibana Visualization? I might be able to use that table object since it does support the color formatter. I'm using Kibana 7.5.

Hi @ssimmons

I guess you are writing a custom plugin?

Are you referring to the <EuiBasicTable> react component ( ? If so, this is a lower-level component and does not provide direct access to the field-formatters. Field-formatters are tied to index-patterns (, which are a Kibana-wide concept.

You can have custom colors inside <EuiBasicTable> but you will have to write your own function. See the render property in the examples over at .

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