Field formatters not being applied inside Data Table

(Sanjiv Jivan) #1

I have a customized field formatter to format a field as a URL. When this field appears in a Search result table it is formatted as expected as a URL however when it's within a Data Table,the formatter is not applied. I realize that the Data Table cell click behavior is the filter by the cell criteria but I'd still like a certain field to be formatted as a URL so that I can right click --> open in new browser tab.

Any workarounds to this?


(Lukas Olson) #2

That seems like a bug. Can you provide screenshots? What version of Kibana are you using?

(Sanjiv Jivan) #3

I'm on Kibana 4.6.1 I can post screenshots later. I can't move to Kibana 5.x as the Dashboard UI's are not acceptable yet. I posted about that is a separate thread (Kibana 5.0 - Step back?)


(Sanjiv Jivan) #4

Here are the screenshots :

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