Kibana Datatable - Filters and Url links


Am creating a Datatable in Kibana. Have edited a field format as Url and supplied the relevant link in Url template. It is working as expected when I click on the field. But when I use filters on that field in datatable, the field is not seen as a link. Is there any way i can display the fields as link along with the filters?

Thanks in advance.

Works fine for me. It should work for you :slight_smile:
Check again if you edited field or field.keyword, and what was added to the table.

Hi @AClerk

Checked my datatable. Have used filter for the field and given a custom label name. But when I do not use filters and use the 'Term' aggregation the field displays as link.

@AClerk Please can you show me how you are using the filter in the Datatable

Please give more details.
How is your table built?
How is your filter configured?
Any scenarios where you can see the URLs?
When exactly they disappear and become regular text?

I have nothing really to share.
regular table, regular filters. Nothing special...

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