Clickable links in kibana


Is it possible to add clickable link in kibana visualization -> data table -> rows?

And when clicking on it it should open a new tab and take me to the selected row result details?

Thank you

Can you elaborate what you mean by this;

Leave that part i will handle. Please tell me how can i create a link in kibana data tables?

I checked these tickets but couldn't find any helpful results:
1 -
2 -
3 - External URL links

Also i saved url in ES field. Suppose i have a field 'details' and it contains value '' and when i create a data table using 'Terms' aggs it creates the data table.
But i'm still not able to click on it as it is supposed to open a new tab.

ES version : 1.6.0
Kibana version : 4.1.1

Thank you

I think you will need to raise a feature request for that.

Wont it work if you simply change the field format to URL and use {{value}} as the url-template as well as label-template?
Or what am I missing?

My URL formatted fields are clickable in a data table vis - granted that I use the field as a parameter to a URL , but as far as I remember the code simply uses the formatted url-template as the href for the anchor

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