Clickable URL kibana 7.11

How to display a field as a clickable URL in data table visualization in kibana 7.11 ?

I tried to format the field but it doesn't work

I was able to create a test document using the Kibana Dev Tools:

POST test/_doc
  "link": ""

Then create an Index Pattern for that index, and add the Url format for the "link" field:

And then create a Data Table to display the "link" field:

Perhaps the problem you are running into is how you are including your "Link" field in your data table? Can you share a screenshot of your data table and the relevant metric?

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Hello Joe,

Thank you for your answer

i tried the example you did and this is the result i get

and in my case this is the result i get


  1. You aren't using a regular (aggregation-based) Data Table Visualization, you are using a Lens Visualization.
  2. In my example, the URL format is not applied to the link.keyword field, it is applied to the link field. These are actually two completely different fields (source).

I tried this example in Lens and it wouldn't let me select the link field, I chatted with a Lens developer and it is intentional/known but also a limitation. I opened a GitHub issue for that here: Lens only shows keyword fields, not text fields · Issue #96576 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

I used 7.11.2 and tried setting link.keyword to use the URL format and create a Lens for it, but Lens still didn't render it properly. I also tried it in 7.12.0 and it works fine in that version. I did not find a closed GitHub issue for that -- it is clearly a bug in 7.11.1 but it is fixed in 7.12.0 and onward, perhaps as a side effect of some other changes.

So, you have two options here:

  1. Use an aggregation-based Data Table Visualization (Create new Visualization -> Aggregation based -> Data table)
  2. Upgrade to 7.12.0, which will allow you to use a Lens Visualization for this

Hello Joe,

Thank you for you answer

I tried to use an aggregation-based Data Table Visualization for the two examples
but i can't find any list of fields

Thank you for your help

You need to click "Metric Count" and change it to use the "Top Hit" Aggregation with your desired field :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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