URL field clickable in the chart

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Is there a way to integrate an URL field as clickable in the chart ?
To be precise, i have url field and corresponding company information. So directly from the chart, is it possible to redirect to the link specified ? I updated the field as 'URL' from the settings. But still didnt work.


Making URL Field Clickable within Graph
Display additional info in tooltips - url, a different field, etc
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Hi Sunitha,

In Kibana, if you go to the Index pattern in Settings or Management (depending on your version) you can set the format for your URL to be URL. That makes it a clickable link in Discover. But it doesn't look like it makes it clickable in a chart. What kind of chart were you thinking of?

You can put the URL links in a Data Table visualization;


Making URL Field Clickable within Graph
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Thank you Lee. I was trying to present it in pie chart like top 5 urls. But for now i think the 'datatable'
chart would do. Appreciate your response!

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