Display additional info in tooltips - url, a different field, etc


Is there a way to display additional info on the tooltips of the visualizations - additional info like formatted URLs or a the value of a different field?

Presently the tooltips display the fields that define the visualization. While thats nice to have, there are cases where you need to know a separate field for more information (like in tableau) - in my case: URLs.

My specific case:
I am creating a dashboard to look into outliers: Multiple visualizations used to iteratively filter data and once you have drilled down to an interesting datapoint (document) - I'd love to have the ability to jump to its actual URL. The problem is that the URL is a different field thats not part of any visualization.

I found this earlier post URL field clickable in the chart but its just working around the problem and I think it can be improved.

If there is something else I could do, I'd love to learn :slight_smile:


What types of visualization are you using? The standard Kibana visualizations only show aggregate data, and while it's possible to drill down until the visualizations are only aggregating a single data point we haven't come up with a way to configure "related data" like this while still supporting aggregated data of arbitrary size.

The issue you linked is a version of the solution I would suggest; add a saved search to your dashboard. When you are looking at lots of docs it will show the top 500 results, but if you zoom in to a single data point then it will just have that document visible and you could then just click the URL.

If you have more details about your dashboard to share I might be able to give a more detailed example.

Hi Spencer,

I am currently using a dashboard with a couple of a bar plots, a couple of heatmaps and a pie chart - it occupies the whole screen of a dashboard. For now I have settled down on the suggestion to use a data-table. It works fairly well for me right now - since my interest is to drill down on outliers and then navigate to their URL. I put in a little more thought after I posed my question, and realised that there really isnt a sensible way to make aggregations on URL - and since most usecases of Kibana are for aggregated data - so my original complaint is moot. :slight_smile:

That being said, there probably are perfectly legitimate cases - Consider this hypothetical example:

Dataset: Name, Age, IQ, Salary, State, Years of education

  1. Bar plot: State (x-axis) vs Salary (y-axis)
  2. Bar plot: Age-band (x-axis) vs IQ (y-axis)

Now I can imagine someone wanting to note the Years of Education for the various (x-axis ) bins (state, age). An ideal location for this info would be the tooltip - its not necessary info, but available if needed.

As an alternative to the aggregation on the tooltip, you can plot two more graphs to plot the [state, age] vs Years of education - but I have found (anecdotal experience of course) that it causes a loss of coherence when narrating a situation/story. And the fact that, now you might have run out of screen real-estate because of the additional charts if you had 4-5 charts to begin with.

Of course, thats just my current thoughts on the matter. Maybe there are better ways.

For now, I'm marking your reply as the answer. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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