Kibana - Display additional information with each datapoint

Maybe this is a unique problem, or maybe it's simply not possible.

I have a set of devices for which I'm tracking metrics over time. To do this I create a Line Lens and put timestamp on the x-axis, CPU usage on the y-axis, and break down by hostname. This is simple.

The difficult part is that I also have some descriptors included with each data point, and these "meta" values can change at any time. I don't want to further break down the data based on these values, but I do want to display them whenever I hover over each unique data point.

In other words, I want the graph to look like this:

But when I hover over each data point, I want it to include additional information like this:

Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your insight

Hi @Taylor_Graham

welcome to the Kibana community.
At the moment there's no way to add extra information on the Lens metric tooltip.

I see there are already some issues on the topic, maybe a new one can be created for this use case.

Okay, thanks for linking that issue. I'll subscribe to follow any future progress!

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