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I've searched for a similar issue, and came across URL field clickable in the chart.

However, the user in this topic was able to present URL fields from within a table. Now, I have the URL fields as the x-axis of a stacked bar graph, shortened to appear as a series of "build numbers," and would like to know if there is a way to make the URLs within this graph clickable. Otherwise, the user would have to locate the bar they are interested in, then proceed to find the matching url in a chart. Is there a way to avoid this step, or would I need a feature request?


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Labels in graphs are not interactive, so no, there's no way to make the labels into links.

I believe the spy panel on visualizations uses the formatted form though, so if your field is set up to be formatted as
a URL, it should be clickable from there. You could also add a corresponding table of the data on a dashboard and users could click through that way.

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