How to make a hypertext link in datatable without custom formatter

I currently have a field in my index that uses a custom formatter. I use this to go to the dashboard associated with that field. You start in one dashboard, there's a list of instances, you click on one of the instances, and it takes you to the dashboard for that instance.

However, that field also represents something in my company's internal network. You can take that field and stick it in an url and it goes to the relevant internal page about that instance. I now want to create a link to that internal page. The problem is that I can't use the custom formatting tools to take you there because it is already in use to take you to the kibana dashboard. Not the internal page.

I created a small script in a datatable to format that field into the correct url that takes you to the internal page on my corp network. It just isn't clickable. Is there something I can do in the script, or the datatable controls, that would change that text to a hyperlink? I tried using markdown, but datatable visualizations don't seem to respect that. And I don't know how to make a markdown visualization that can use field data from a document. How do I work this out?

Hey @Goishin,

One idea is to duplicate this field in your index, so that your index pattern can format them in two different ways for your two different use-cases.

If you don't want to re-ingest all of your data, you can fake this using a Scripted Field in your index pattern:

Yeah, that sounds great! Let me do that.

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