Kibana - Hyperlink in Data Table


Below is the data table which I have created in Kibana.

In this, I want the values of the column 'User' (User 1, User 2,...) to be hyperlinks and when it is clicked the detailed graph of that particular user should be shown.

Please help me on how to create the hyperlinks.



You can use a Scripted Field for this. Choose string and then URL.

Where you want the links to go is the next part. Do you want it going to a dashboard and it filters by which ever User was clicked?

If so then go to your dashboard and enter a filter for User. Then click Share -> Permalinks -> Snapshots and it will give a long URL.

Replace the filter item in the URL with {{value}} and that value will be replaced with the value of the clicked item. You paste that URL into the scripted field settings.


Thanks a lot @aaron-nimocks

I have made a Line graph which will open in a new tab when a User is clicked.

The requirement is to load the Line graph just below the Data table instead of opening in a new Tab.

Can you please help me on this?

Why not have a dashboard with the line graph on top and the data table below it. When you click on the line graph it adds a filter to same dashboard that will effect the data table below it.

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