How to create hyperlink in Kibana Canvas data table

Hi, all.

I am trying to create hyperlinks in Kibana's Canvas data table. I have already defined the fields with Url format in the Index Patterns page(some users suggested that the keyword version of the fields be defined as Url).

However, in Canvas' data table, the values are still displayed as plain text instead of hyperlinks, but it displays hyperlinks in “Discover”. I wonder if I miss some step to make this work?

Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I do not believe this is possible yet. Here is the associated feature request that sounds like where it's covered already.

Thanks, Aaron for the response. Is this supported outside Canvas? e.g. datatable visualization?

Yes. It will work there.

You can use either a data table visualization or a saved search if you don't required aggregation and just want straight data.

I just want to display the data without any aggregation but in a dashboard(not Canvas workpad). Can I do that?

In Discover create the results you want. Save the search.

In Dashboard add the saved search and you will get the table.

If you loaded the Sample Data check out [Flights] Global Flight Dashboard dashboard at the bottom for an example.

If you would like to see some canvas and other Kibana dashboard examples you can look here
Dashboard examples

You can implement a markdown-table in Canvas markdown visualisation using #each function of handlebar syntaxes. For hyperlinks use: [display text](URL which is invoked)

Markdown reference here

However there are severe limitations to this approach compared to a conventional data table : E.g. no pagination, limited styling options.etc. Probably useful in showing top N rows.

Thank you, all for the suggestions. I'll try them out.

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