Kibana table column link value route to new dashboard on click

Hello All,

1)I'm trying to achieve this implementation where in I'm having 1 coulmn that I'd like to convert it into hyperlink and on click of that it should redirect to new dashboard with same filed value showing there in all visuals.
2)Is this also possible if certain column values can be added as button-green,red,yellow and on click of that should execute an endpoint logic.

Request Id(link to be created) and Status(Button type required)----Both are stored as text,keyword i.e string.


I'm curious if this can be done as well - have you had any luck with it ? Thanks.

Hello @smchamberlin ,

This is possible:
If you need some column value to be converted to hyperlink filed and on click of that route to some log file or some location, you can try your hands on ENHANCED DATA TABLE plugin. It does provides this functionality. But you need to send your data from backend using html tags and table will parse that. Its capable of html and css alteration to some extent.
ex:<a href=">Log session
Now using enhanced datatable and using computed column option in it you can achieve the desired.

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