Color mappings in Kibana 3 bettemap


I have been using ELK latest versions since 1 year now but got a requirement from client which I thought would be better in bettermap of Kibana 3 so downgraded. Below is my requirement, please let me know how to reach there

I have geo-coordinate data coming from 3 (in future may be more) sources. I want to plot all this on a single tile map but the color coding should be based on the type rather than density. Say all greens - from type 1 and all reds from type 2 etc. In bettermap, there is also an location icon in addition to normal circles which made me think this would work. But I still see all 3, even with 1 index.

Has anyone tried this. is it possible?


Hi Meenal,

I would strongly advise against using Kibana 3 for any new projects for several reasons;

  1. it went End Of Life 2015-11-15
  2. you will find it difficult to find any help on questions because some current Kibana developers never used it.
  3. there won't be any enhancements or bug fixes on it.

If you really need some other map functionality you could file an enhancement request in Kibana (would be in Kibana 5.x at this point).
And/or you could try to make a custom Kibana plugin and get help from Kibana developers.


Hi Lee,

Yes I have moved from Kibana 3. I posted a enhancement request, but no idea
when it will be available as a feature.

I am working on building a custom plugin for geomap extension.