Kibana tilemap visualization extension


I have a requirement in my project to display data from multiple sources on a tile-map but they also need to be in different colors. I checked all options but looks like this will have to be done as a custom visualization plugin.

Any pointers/help? I am following as a guide but not sure how to target to colors or group-by field in tile map.


The existing visualizations are implemented as plugins, so you can use them as additional examples/inspiration.


I am working on extending the tilemap plugin. I know what I want - a split option on the tilemap which will assign different color based on the terms aggregation I select OR Use only terms aggregation but display the lat/lon on a geo map.

I read the to get started but am now stuck in - how to write my controller.

I also have a standalone HTML+JS package which connects to ES to fetch data and displays it on a map. Can I integrate this in Kibana directly without writing a entire new plugin?


Just an update. I have created a plugin to solve this problem. For anyone facing the same issue, please checkout