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We have a variety of customizations / features we need in a map visualization. (Some of them are noted here. While some of our needs may hopefully make it to the standard map visualization/plugin, we could build a custom plugin that embeds/leverages the existing map visualization.

We haven't found much information on embedding the map visualization. Anyone have any pointers/references? We could imagine adding/replacing the geohash layer. We also might need to customize the buckets/aggregations.

Any idea if this type of thing is even possible with the existing map visualization?

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.


Custom Bucket Sub Aggregations & Top Hits
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I'm not sure what you'd all like to do, or see added to the tilemap in Kibana, but I can tell you that all visualizations are actually plugins, and you can find them all in the Kibana codebase. Maybe you can extend what's there, and maybe you need to make a totally new visualization. Both are possible from plugins.

As far as what you need specifically from maps, there's currently a pretty big effort to overhaul the experience and introduce a layered system. @thomasneirynck is leading that effort, and he demoed some of the work in the Elastic{on} '18 keynote, which you can watch here: https://www.elastic.co/elasticon/conf/2018/sf/opening-keynote

I don't know if anything you're looking to do might be covered in that effort or not. Feel free to include specific here and Thomas can probably talk a bit about the plans for maps.

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Thanks. The video is interesting and the layers features will be great. But my need is a little different. If I use the example of Elastic downloads (from the video), my need would be akin to showing a breakdown first by product type, then by geography. (It could work by geography, then product type as well).

So if, as a result of geohashing, there are two clusters of downloads, say NY 500K and SF 1M. The existing visualization shows proportionate markers in each location. But I'd like to separate logstash from kibana downloads, as it may be logstash 250K NY, 400K SF and kibana has 250K NY and 600K SF downloads. I would then want 4 markers on the map, where color (or some other visual) indicates logstash has two clusters of downloads and kibana has its own 2 clusters of downloads.

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It seems like the upcoming layer system could be a good fit here (as it would be in many cases). You'd have to write your own layer, which is something I assume will be pluggable, and then you can use the existing pieces with yours on top. For example, you could use the existing tilemap and geo shape layers, and then write your won "bubble graph" layer on top.

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