How to customise the kibana UI?

i need to customise the tile-map in kibana visualization.i successfully created a tile-map UI in kibana but when I click on it,it will show only the no of counts (i attach the cover shot of the output in kibana),i want what are the data’s present in that particular location.

For e.g. if you say LA is 500 and if i select LA, then I should see the 500 data in a grid/ tabular form. If I switch another city NY City then the data should be displayed in that grid/ tabular form.

Hi @RajeshAJ,

If I'm understanding you right, I believe what you are looking for is not possible today.

There's two paths you can take from here:

  • You could file a feature request for what you are looking for in Please describe the feature in detail, including any screenshots/wireframes. Also please describe the use case for this feature (that is, what is the problem you are trying to solve — this can sometimes help solve the problem in a different way).

  • You could create your own Kibana visualization plugin for a custom tilemap that fits your needs. This is a good starting point on how to do so:

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