How to customize Maps plugin in kibana?


I want to customize Maps plugin in kibana, but I can't find where sources are located.
I mean this Maps plugin

Looks like it is already pre-build and combined into one file in built_assets/dlls folder.
Is there a way to customize and rebuild dlls files again manually? Or maybe this plugin is located somewhere in src/ folder?


yes, it's already built, have a look into x-pack/plugin/maps for the source. triggering a rebuild in Kibana, there's no official way to do it, and it depends on which version you're using. A while ago you had to remove/mv the optimize folder, to trigger a rebuild (which takes) a while. Curious, what are you trying to customize?


Ok, I'll recheck x-pack/plugin/maps for the source.

The idea is to add custom colors, legend. Also, it would be nice to add filters like it is already done in visualizations.

Hi @WhatsIsKibana, I am on the Maps team. Can you explain your use case in more detail. What additional color ramps are you looking for? What are you hoping to add to the legend? What new type of filtering are you trying to add?


I'll add another question, which version of Kibana are you using? Since you shared a 6.8 link? thx

Hi @Nathan_Reese
I'm using maps to display data across different indexes. While it is not possible to mix data from different indexes on tile map plugin, Maps - is the perfect tool for it. Data, which I have, contains some statistic info like: gender, age, location, population of the city where person lives and so on.

Let me start from the end, because filters are the most important feature.
I would like to display all these info stats on the map and I would like to switch between different filters on the fly.
For example, in visualizations I can define quick filters and load different data on turn on/off them (check my screenshot)

but in Maps I have only query filter and I should type query manually every time.

Regarding other options (color map and legend) it is not a big deal and rather narrow use cases and I think I'll be able to add it myself to my local kibana. For example, I'd like to define custom color map for coloring population of the cities, where green color would mean population < 100k, yellow - 100k...500k, orange - 500k...1m, red - 1m+. And in this case I need legend which would describe colors and what they mean.

Hey @matw I'm using kibana 6.8 and yes looks like you're right, I can add modify code in x-pack/plugins/maps and then I need to cleanup and restart kibana.

Can you upgrade to 7.14? Most of these features have been added in newer releases. You can define custom color ramps with stops and add fields to tooltips and then create filters from these fields.

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