Can I save changes to Kibana source as a plugin?

I've been modifying the Kibana source slightly to add some functionality. I am pretty satisfied with how the modified source is behaving and would like to install my changes on other computers without a patch. Kibana has a plugin system but all the information I found online for plugin development is for either visualization or standalone apps. Is there a way to package small changes to Kibana source as a plugin?

Well that entirely depends on what changes you've made, there are some things kibana has not exposed to plugins.

I'm very curious myself though, what the diff is, perhaps you made some changes that fix some issues with Kibana, you should submit a pull request to our repo, and assign me panda01.

The change I made was adding right click functionality to the pie charts. When a segment of a pie chart is clicked, all the elasticsearch documents that are within it have some metadata added to them chosen by the user, making a makeshift tagging system. It's not really core functionality that I added so I don't think it would fit in the main project. To do this, I had to modify two js files in src/ui/public/vislib. I plan to make changes for all similar charts like bar charts and histograms.

Hmm, that sounds a custom legend labels, but through a different UX. nonetheless, I'm still curious, and I love to review. Who knows, maybe easy open source points?