Building applications (Plugins) Inside Kibana (Dev process & best practices)

Hello Guys,

Can you share your experiences regarding creation of custom applications (plugins) inside Kibana ?

Many existing known plugins are most of them not updated and not working with new versions of Kibana (starting version 5.2 i guess where majors changes happened).

I wan reading some guidlines on github for the new kibana platform, and i guess things has been changed and now there are some interfaces & new ways of creating plugins with minimum breaking changes especially when upgrading the stack from version to new one.

@fbaligand has been maintaining the enhanced-table plugin and is doing great job to port it the the latest Kibana version (7.2), if he can share his experince with the new kibana plateform process and how that can be used as a great tool to develop & maintain new apps inside kibana ?

@dadoonet @Court @timroes @fbaligand can you please share with the community the best prcatcices for that and some advice on how to add sucessfull apps to Kiabana ?

Thanks to everybody for sharing ideas