Develop kibana 6.0.x plug-in

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Is there up-to-date developer enablement (SDK, how-to, tutorials, etc.) for developing Kibana plug-ins?

Searching both documentation and this forum seems to indicate no activity in this area in the last two years perhaps (latest forum interactions in 2016).

I think I just saw an admission in a forum post, that plug-in support has waned recently, but could return in 6.0.0.

Any updates?


(kulkarni) #2

Thank you for your interest in developing Kibana plugin. I suggest you to read through .

Most plugin development right now is in good faith. Apart from the link above, there's been some tutorials by community members, e.g.
This might be a little out dated but still hugely relevant.

I would also check out some examples; many use the same templates.

Hope this helps

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