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I'm new in Elastic world.
I installed Kibana and Elasticsearch (both version 6.3) and I followed this steps in the official site. I made my dashboard and everything is okay.
Now, I am trying to create my own plugin (visualization). I did a lot of search and I found this two links (link1 and link2 they are so useful for beginners). I would like to develope something (plugin) like the first link, so I tried to install it (kibana-sample-plugin which is developed with 5.4.3 version) in my Kibana instance using kibana-plugin install file:///C:\ but it didn't work (There is versions problems I know). So I tried to install another plugin which is 6.3 version (like my installed instance), my dashboard doesn't work anymore but I can access to my kibana UI.

My first question: is there a link which I can follow it to create my first plugin (visualization like 'Hello world U_U' for example) on 6.3 version?
My second question: Why the installation doesn't work for me ? (even I followed the same steps in the link)

I'll appreciate any help ^^.

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For 6.3.0 and onwards Kibana includes this very easy to use plugin template generator:

You can follow this easily and create your first plugin from it.

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