How to install additional plugin in Kibana 6.3.0

Hi Team,

I would like to integrate additional plugins in kibana for getting more visualization.
Currently, am using kibana 6.3.0. I have gone through the some of elastic block post and tried to integrate the plugins in kiaban but nothing is working.:weary:

I have followed the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Downloaded the required plugin as zip.
  2. Copied the unziped folder inside the kibana/plugin directory
  3. Started the kibana

Can some help me for integrating below plugins in kibana 6 .3.0

  • kibana-plugin-traffic
  • Search-Tables for Kibana
  • D3 Liquid Fill Gauge
  • D3 Gauge


Hey sivap, it's quite likely that the plugins you are trying to use just don't support your version of Kibana. Unfortunately the API that plugins use changes pretty frequently, which requires that plugins are re-released for each version of Kibana.

If you feel like getting into the code and updating the plugins to be compatible with 6.3 be my guest, this will probably be necessary down the road anyway if you plan to stay relatively up to date with the latest features and improvements in Kibana and Elasticsearch.

Otherwise, I recommend sticking with the default visualizations or trying your hand at a custom plugin that integrates the custom visualization types you want to have. (Kibana already has gages and tables, but I imagine there is a feature you're trying to get that Kibana doesn't natively support).

That said, we are actively working on stabilizing the plugin interfaces and will hopefully soon-ish be able to support plugins across multiple versions so that plugins will no longer need to be released so often.

@spalger - Thanks for the clarification.

Also I would like to know, Is there any possibility to implement/integrate the following plugins (kibana-plugin-traffic, Search-Tables for Kibana, D3 Liquid Fill Gauge, D3 Gauge) in kibana (6.3.0) Vega. If possible please kindly someone helps me to achieve this.

Some one please help me out.

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