Custom UI in kibana and visualization suggestion

Hello Everyone ,

I'm facing problem in visualization of data in proper way. Now what data i have ?
There are TWO tables

  1. contains basic information of an organization.
    2.contains multiple records which are linked with table 1 records.
    Now to store this records in elasticsearch I combined both in one json.

JSON looks like :
"zipCode": "",
"address": "",
"phone": "",
"city": " ",
"organization": "",
"state": "",
"source": "",
"email": " ",
"measureCode": [
"score": 5,
"code": "",
"measureName": "",
"score": 6,
"code": "",
"measureName": "",

what I've done so far with Visualization :

  1. I can check how many organization in this particular city or state by using PIE & TABLE chart.
    2.I can see which organization and where it is located by using TILE MAP.

Now what I'm looking :

  1. I want to see score of each organization and you can see there is multiple score with respect to there measure name. How can i visualize this data ?
  2. Is it possible to add custom map in kibana ? because i want to do some drop down actions.
  3. how to add custom charts or modify kibana charts ? tutorial links preferred. :slight_smile:

Also if any suggestion (changes) related JSON structure would be thankful.

I moved your question to #kibana

cc /@thomasneirynck @ppisljar

  1. not really sure what you mean, can you elaborate ?
  2. yeah, you would need to develop a plugin or a custom visualization

(note: both above resources apply to kibana 6.0)

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