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Hoping that this is a simple question!

I'm trying to visualize a custom score that our team is creating. Suppose that our documents have the following structure:

    "name": "Joe Smith",
    "scores": {
      "A": 9,
      "B": 1,
      "C": 3.14

We would like to have a visualization that shows all of the "scores" (A, B, C) in a bar chart with A, B, and C across the X-axis and their values on the Y-axis. Envisioning this in a dashboard we could filter by name of "Joe Smith" and see the score breakdown for "Joe Smith". Since these score values are in their own field it is not clear to me in how to do this in Kibana. Is our data not in the correct format to produce these types of visualizations? How can we create these types of charts in Kibana? Any recommendations here would be greatly appreciated!

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I am facing a similar Issue, looking forward to some suggestions related to this.
Appreciate your help.

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