How to add custom queries in one visualization?


I have the below scenario, how to apply this scenario in one visualization?

I have a component and different values in that component. each has unique name, I want to group the same set of names in one pie chart.

for eg- I have a component name - jobname and have 60 unique names but 17 jobs name start with the same name like (abcd_1, abcd_2, abcd_3, ...) and another set of 20 jobs name will be like ( xyz_1, xyz_2, xyz_3, ...) and few more job names would be (test_1, test_2, test_3). how can I show category 1 , category 2 , category 3 in the same pie chart.

can someone please help me with this?


You could split by "filters" aggregation, then use abcd_* for the first filter, xyz_* for the second, etc.

This works Thanks

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