Visualizations and Subqueries

(George) #1

Is it possible to make one visualization in a dashboard, to be filtered based the outcome of a second query? (An dynamic filter that is visualization specific?)

For example, let's say I have a dimension called "fruit" and a second dimension called "country". My data in ES looks like this:
fruit: apple,
country: canada
fruit: banana,
country: japan
fruit: apple,
country: france

I have a pie chart (A) that shows the count per fruit, ordered by fruit. So the data it contains will; be apple: 2, banana: 1
I have a second pie chart (B) that shows the count per countries. So the data it contains will be canada: 1, france: 1, japan: 1

I would like pie chart B to only show the TOP 1 fruit, equivalent to if I pivoted the entire dashboard by fruit: apple. but rather dynamically, and specific to a visualization. In this example, the subquery would determine what is the TOP 1 fruit by count at that time. In pie chart B, this would automatically apply the pivot fruit:apple to the visualization B, resulting in it showing canada: 1, france: 1, removing the need for users to filter the entire dashboard.

I am aware of the "split slices" feature, I'm trying to solve a more general problem. Is this possible in Kibana?
(For example, another use case would be to show only the latency of the least reliable component in a visualization.)

(Mark Walkom) #2

Not at this stage, no.

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