Coloration error in tournament mode

An upgrade in the range -90% percent take the color red for
Mean Throughput
Median Throughput
Max Throughput

Also Min Throughput is green instead of red.

Hello and thanks for your interest in Rally!

Race comparisons report the percentage difference per metric between a baseline race and a contender race. Whether the difference is colored red or green depends on whether an increase is considered "good' or "bad".

Increases in throughput are a good thing, so they're colored green, while decreases in throughput are colored red. It's the opposite for latency: increases are bad and will be red while decreases are good will be green.

Since we're comparing two races, it's important to clarify which race is the baseline, i.e. the results that Rally should compare the contender's results against. In your case, since you're surprised by the output, my guess is that you simply swapped the --baseline and --contender arguments. This will result in the percentage differences being inverted from what you expected since you've accidentally flipped the comparison. It's an easy mistake to make! I've done it myself. :slight_smile:

Try swapping the race IDs passed to the --baseline and --contender arguments and that will probably give you the output you'd expect.

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