Combination of uptime filter (Port and location ) not working in ELK 7.9.0

I am using ELK 7.9.0 inside the docker. I have created an alert for uptime with configuration.

I have used a combination of filters. I want to get an alert for zookeeper having port 2181 in the local instance. The zookeeper is still running but it shows me down.
When I checked uptime, it works fine.

But alert index looks like:-

When I use the individual filter like location or port. It works properly. Please help, how I can use filters for these scenarios?


To confirm that I understood your problem:
when you use only one of the filters like "USING PORT 2181" the alert works properly?
If so, then I would check the interval set in uptime for getting the data from the instance, it might be set to longer than one minute.
If you change your check to 3 or 5 minutes, with both filters, does it work?


@Marius_Dragomir Zookeeper in running on port 2181. When I use only one filter it works perfectly. But not for multiple filters. I have checked by increasing the time as well.

It still alerts me for zookeeper is down.

This is unfortunately a bug, team is working on to fix it.

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