Combine documents for aggregate query


I'm new to elasticsearch, so please bear with me.

I am using logstash to ship sendmail logs into elasticsearch.
For any particular mail, sendmail logs the "to" address and "from"
addresses in different log entries,
resulting in (at least) two different elasticsearch documents per mail
(they do share a sendmail message ID).

for example:
id: 1
msgid: s938943sa99
id: 2
msgid: s938943sa99
status: Sent

I would like to be able to find out the number of mails sent per to/from
combination over a particular time period,
i.e. 5 mails sent from to, and 7 mails
sent from to in the last hour.

I understand about using aggregations on a field, so I can find out how
many mails were sent from a particular address:

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/logstash*/_search?pretty=true' -d '
"query" : {
"bool" : {
"must" : [
"range" : {
"@timestamp" : {
"gt" : "now-1h"
"aggs" : {
"myfrom" : {
"terms" : {
"field" : "from.raw",
"min_doc_count" : 1

I don't see how I can combine the documents to aggregate on to/from
Is this possible?

Thanks for any help,

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