Combining results in Dashboard

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I am collecting 2 types of data and porting that into a single index, one will collect info every 5 minutes, the other will collect the data every few seconds, how can i have them display the data in same dashboard

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Is your question about the time span on the dashboard, or about auto-refresh interval?

Currently in Kibana, everything on a dashboard uses the same time span and auto-refresh interval if you turn auto-refresh on. But just because the data is collected at different intervals shouldn't cause a problem as long as you don't set your time span shorter than the 5 minute collection period of your slower data collection.
And your auto-refresh can be set to every 5 seconds if you want to see any updated data as soon as possible. The data that is collected slower just won't change very often on the refresh of the dashboard.

Are you having a problem with the dashboard? If so, please describe that.


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