Different refresh rate within a dashboard

Hi all,

I have built a dashboard which have several visualizations. I am wondering if I can have different auto-refresh rate for each visualization in this dashboard(like 5 sec for a pie chart, 10 sec for a line chart), right now it seems that kibana only allows me to have one auto-refresh rate for whole dashboard.
There is a workaround solution I believe, to include one visualization in one dashboard and then set different auto-refresh rate for each one. But then I will have another request, I currently have 3 dashboards, and each one have several visualizations, and I include a markdown to navigate between each dashboard, if I include visualization in a dashboard, then I will have several dashboard in one page, how could I do the navigation then?

I really appreciate any help! Thanks!

A different refresh rate for different visualizations in Kibana is not something supported currently.

Thank you for response! So is there any workaround solution for this? I know I can create separate dashboard, but then I lose the control of time range, basically I want a separate auto-fresh rate with one time range.

Hi again,

There isn't a workaround that I know of. It sounds like there should be an enhancement such as breaking up the date picker so there isn't just a single one that sets the time range for everything on the page. If I remember correctly, Kibana 3 had that ability.

Would you mind filing an enhancement request in the Kibana source repo for this? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new I thought this would be something already in a ticket, but I couldn't find one.

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