Compare Packetbeat Input to Threat Intelligence Input

(Zac Esa) #1

Hi all,

I have two indexes, one is packetbeat, one is threat intelligence feed. Is there any way I can compare the source/destination IP in the captures of packetbeat to the one in the threat intelligence feed?

If anyone is interested, I'm currently using combine plus logstash csv input to bring in the threat intelligence feed.


(Tyler Smalley) #2

Since you can't join the data you want to add the intelligence data to the packetbeat index. I would recommend taking a look at Logstash.

(Zac Esa) #3

@tsmalley I'm using logstash right now. Are you saying I should have one index, which is a combination of my intel data and packetbeat data?

(Zac Esa) #4

The threat intel input is from a csv, is there any way for me to compare a field in the packetbeat input to a field in this csv?

E.g. If [ip] == [somefieldincsv] then output to different index.

(system) #5

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