Compare two document type values under one index and print difference

I have two mysql tables containing thousands of rows in each table. I have index all records into elasticsearch using logstash jdbc plugin.

The Idea is to compare difference between two tables using Elasticsearch in a very fast manner. Faster than SQL.

I have index called elasticdata and two documents type table1 and table2.

I have to compare each column1 of table1 document type with all rows of table2 ducument type. If diference is foud print the value.

How it can be achived in elastic search. Please suggest.

Can somebody help me out?

magnusbaek, Can you help me on this?

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

It's fine to answer on your own thread after 2 or 3 days (not including weekends) if you don't have an answer.

Please never ping people who are not already participating in your thread.

Got you.

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