Comparision between Elastic Observability Stack and Grafana Stack

Hi all,
Currently, I wanna install the Observability features on our K8s Infrastructure.
When surveyed about the suitable solutions for that I wonder what is the difference, the pros and cons, use-cases,... of the Elastic Observability Stack and Grafana Stack. What should we choose now?
Finally, when I have to upgrade to enterprise products in the future, what is the Stack more compatible with the current enterprises?

Hi @phucnv282,

Welcome to the community! Elastic Observability and Grafana are different products and different ecosystems that are build and maintained by different companies. You could look at resources such as the Gartner comparison, or the features on each site.

Without more detail on the features you're looking to it very difficult to advise. Can you give an idea of your use case and particular features you need? If you're considering enterprise products in the future it might also be worth contacting our team or sales who could also advise with specifics based on your use case if you're not comfortable sharing details here.

Let us know if we can help with more specifics!