Compiling filebeat from source on ppc64le


I am trying to build filebeat version 6.8.10 using the below steps on ppc64le, UBI-8 and had a couple of questions

#Steps to build (using go.10.2)
git clone
cd beats
git checkout v6.8.10
cd filebeat
make unit

This works, however I also tried "PLATFORM=Linux/ppc64le make snapshot", "mage build", "make test" and run into python 2/3 compatibility issues which I am trying to look at currently but just wanted to confirm that python2 is what is required here?

The other, somewhat related question is if the default filebeat binary that is generated with mage build will have the x-pack code or are there specific things that need to be done to exclude/include this?

Any pointers here would be of great help, thanks in advance!!


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