Completed my search ui app, node/react -- how do I deploy to website

Hey all, I'm a little confused on this and I've been trying to find some resources on this but I just think I'm not searching for the right words as I am not sure what I'm really trying to do.

I'm trying to take my react app and embed it into a website. The website is HubSpot website so I don't have a server/backend that I can place these files. I was under the assumption that I was able to take this search ui ( app after customizing it, and I would be able to embed this on my site but I'm not finding any resources on how to do this.

I realize this is likely more of a react question or a node question, but I'm really not sure exactly how this works.

If this is the wrong place, I apologize. Please let me know where you think I should be asking this.

Okay, after typing this out I had a bit of an ah ha moment. From there I did npm run build and that created some JS and CSS files in my build folder.

I included them on my webpage and added a <div id="root"></div> and I have it running nicely. Is this the proper way to do this or am I doing something wrong or can this cause issues down the road?


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