Deploying reference UI for App Search

Has anyone had success deploying the reference search UI for app search?
I am a bit confused.

Do I need to install Apache or can I just spin up a Ubuntu and deploy?

Hey there --

The README for the Reference UI might help:

When you create a zip file from the dashboard, it creates a pre-populated engine.json file, as seen in the example. Apart from that, it's the same as the open source repository.

Once you enter the directory, run npm install and then npm start.

It will then create a separate application upon which you can develop.

I hope this helps!


No web server needed? Apache?

The Reference UI will use React. No other web server required.

So long as you have Node.js (and NPM) installed, it should just work.

You can use Apache or another web server to host React applications but it is not a requirement.

Just adding to Kellen's response.

The reference UI is just web content, html, javascript, and css. If you run npm run build from inside of the project, a publishable version of the project will be generated under the ./build directory.

So any web server will work, it's just static content that is served up.


^this is encouraging, since I'm switching gears from back end to front : (

I got it working.

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