Completion Suggester: Mutiple tokens?

As stated here a field in Elasticsearch, defined as type "completion" together with a certain analyzer + tokenizer, is first split up according to the underlying logic of those parts and then "stitched" together again. However I'm verry unhappy with this behaviour.

This is my current mapping setup (excerpt):

"mappings": {
    "movie": {
      "properties": {
        "title": {
          "analyzer": "standard",
          "fields": {
            "autocomplete": {
              "type": "completion"
              "analyzer": "whitespace",
          "type": "string"

Let's take a movie with the title Harry Potter for example:

When I enter the prefix Har I get the suggestion Harry Potter . When I enter Pot instead, I get no result at all, because the individual tokens Harry and Potter were stitched together to Harry Potter immediately after analyzing/tokenizing.

Now what I would like is the following behaviour: When I enter Pot I'd want the Completion Suggester to return Potter . Not Harry Potter , but simply Potter . Is this somehow possible? Caution: I don't even need the reference to the document which created the suggestion. So if it's somehow possible to throw all generated tokens in a pot and then retrieve suggestions from there, that would be awesome (due to some other stuff I have to do).

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