Completion Suggester Sorting on Fuzziness


I'm trying to figure out how i can sort the completion suggester when using fuzziness.

I have 4 documents

  1. title: tennis
  2. title: tee
  3. title: teen
  4. title: terrace

When people enter 'tee' and fuzziness: 1, tennis is now on top. What i want is the suggestions that still have an 'exact' match be on top, so 'tee' and 'teen' should be on top. I thought about having 2 suggestions, 1 with no fuzziness and the other with fuzziness: 1. But that requires deduplication which takes time.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?

using elasticsearch 5.1.1.


Try using the latest ES 5.3. I'm getting 'tee' at the top and then 'teen'.

It does not make sense that people enter 'tee' with fuzziness 1 and tennis is at the top because 'ten' !='tee' even with any fuzziness.

Thanks for your reply. I will give that a go but i don't think it will change. All documents get a "_score": 2 bit i was expecting the behaviour you are.

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