Completion Suggester with Partial Word Suggestions

(Mark Goldenstein) #1

I have an index which (among others) contains the following fields:

  • title
  • authors
  • suggest

I'm copying the title and the authors fields into suggest with copy_to.
Now I've noticed that I do not get suggestions when I type in the last name
of an author - which makes sense because the completion suggester is a
prefix suggester. However, I'd like to extend it to also work with last
names in this example.

As I see it, there are two options:

  1. Index Stephenie Meyer as both Stephenie Meyer and just Meyer in
    the suggest field.
  2. Not use a suggester but instead use a search for completion, as
    described here

It seems to me that the first option is preferable since it makes use of
FSTs and is therefore much faster. However, how can I make Elasticsearch
copy the title and authors field into suggest accordingly? Or is this
only possible by manually creating the suggest field myself (instead of
using an Elasticsearch feature like copy_to)?

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