Complex Config Options via Command Line

Is there any way to pass the more complex config items, such as regionmap, via the command line when starting Kibana?

I think you just need to provide a JSON object wrapped in single quotes. For example, the example regionmap settings from the Kibana settings docs could be passed via the command line as an argument like this:

--regionmap='{"includeElasticMapsService":false,"layers":[{"name":"Departments of France","url":"","attribution":"INRAP","fields":[{"name":"department","description":"Full department name"},{"name":"INSEE","description":"INSEE numeric identifier"}]}]}'

Hope this helps,

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Thanks CJ. So that does work, but it only seems to work if there are no spaces anywhere in the json. So even the text within quotes, such as "Departments of France" in the above, cannot have spaces or Kibana will throw a ValidationError when loading it with the message: child "regionmap" fails because ["regionmap" must be an object].

This isn't a deal-breaker, but do you know if there's anyway to allow spaces in?

Sorry, ace1, I don't think there's a way to use spaces in that regionmap argument.


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