Kibana multiple line scripts json input

This is a duplicate of the question here from a different user that never got an answer.

I would like to be able to use multiple lines in the json input for a script but the triple quote that is listed in documentation doesn't seem to work. There is more information in the post linked above, but that is the general question.


You can escape double quotes with \ if you have other quotes, but for multiline I don't think there i a way currently and I am thinking this is a bug.
Can you point me to the docs where you found the triple quotes for the kibana input so that can be fixed until the bug is fixed?

Yeah escaping quotes isn't an issue, its just really gross to have to write a script in one line. Thanks for looking at this.

Here is the kibana documentation mentioning of using the JSON input for scripting at the end of this linked passage. This then links to elasticsearch documentation about scripting in general. After a couple more links you can find an example of multiline painless scripting here.

I can imagine. This looks like a bug to me. Could you open one in the Kibana repo here?

The user who never got an answer thanks you for ressurecting this :slight_smile:

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