Component Templates and Nested Components

I have been playing around with Component Templates, and I absolutely love it! Much easier to centrally manage components of an index template, rather than manually update all templates using the same components.

Question: Can nested fields also utilize component templates?

For instance, I have a component saved for geo that has all the fields I would like to use for all GeoLocation data. This geo template I have saved is used all over the place. We have host.geo, source.geo, destination.geo, etc. As it is, any time we want to make an update to geo, we also have to update each of the other components/templates as well.

The docs don't seem to mention the possibility of this, so I figured I would ask here. Would appreciate any insight on whether or not this is possible, as it would save even more effort in managing templates.

Thank you!

No thoughts on this, huh? If this is not yet possible, it would be a pretty sweet capability to have.

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