Concatenate using painless in Output

(Saram Ali) #1

I am trying to update the message body of an indexed log. To be specific I am trying to concatenate. I am getting no error on the logstash console yet the message body is not being updated.

Here is the update part from the output

  " action => "update"
    script_lang => "painless"
    script_type => "inline"
    script => 'ctx._source.stock_message.concat("%{stock_message}")'"

(Saram Ali) #2

I found the problem.

" script => 'ctx._source.stock_message = ctx._source.stock_message.concat("%{stock_message}" + "\n")'"

This is the correct. But now I am getting circut breaker exception due to compiling more than 15 times in a minute. How can I use script.max_compilations_rate in the logstash script.

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