Conditional counting in kibana

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we early use qlikview to do some aggregations like

Count(Distinct IF((Tier = 'Tier 1' AND AGGR(Count({$<Week= week1>}SiteID), ClusterCode, Week) >= 6) OR (Tier = 'Tier 2' AND AGGR(Count({$<Week= week1>}SiteID), ClusterCode, Week) >= 5) )

something like field tier=tier 1 and get the count by clustercode,week and it should be >= 6 then only count

But we want achieve same thing in Kibana, Actually we tried using Timeline but not able to figure it out
Please help us on this


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I'm not following along with your question very well. Maybe you could post a sample of a simple set of data to illustrate your question?

Is your issue about grouping data by specific weekly buckets? Do you already have a week field in your data? Or is that what you're trying to solve?

I also don't understand the >=6. Is 6 the week number or the count of something?


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ok, in words get the weekly count whose (Tier value in 'Tier1' and group by clustercode whose count should be >=6)

means(for this week how many clustercode falls in tier1 should be >=6 than only count that as one document) and so on we need to add 3 different conditions with logical OR and get the distinct count.

y-axis=counts based on above condition


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