[Config] marvel.history.duration (format)



Hi everyone,

I'm trying to setup the config marvel.history.duration to delete automatically the indices created by Marvel.

The documentation says: Sets the retention duration beyond which the indices created by Marvel will be automatically deleted. Defaults to 7 days. Set to -1 to disable automatic deletion of Marvel indices.

So, I tried to put: marvel.history.duration: 2 on my elasticsearch.yml but today i got the following error in my logs:

[2016-05-17 00:59:58,402][ERROR][marvel.cleaner ] [noeud-test] failed to clean indices
ElasticsearchParseException[Failed to parse setting [marvel.history.duration] with value [2] as a time value: unit is missing or unrecognized]

So, what is the format for this settings. Do i need to put marvel.history.duration: "2d" ?

Thank you.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Yes, that is correct.


Thanks, I will try that.

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