Delete Monitoring's old indices


Is there any smart way to delete old indices of Monitoring(Marvel)?
Simply delete indices, using elasticsearch-curator or any other way?


Curator can do it, though for 5.X it does only store 7 days by default.


thanks Mark.

I did not know that!
I will try to configure the "xpack.monitoring.history.duration" setting.

What version are you on? We added a functionality to automatically delete the indices in Marvel 2.3 by setting

Sets the retention duration beyond which the indices created by Marvel will be automatically deleted. Defaults to 7 days. Set to -1 to disable automatic deletion of Marvel indices.

For more marvel configuration options, please visit


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thanks, Bohyun

I'm using marvel 1.3 and X-Pack(Monitoring) 5.2.
In case using 2.x, I will use it :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Please let us know your feedback on X-Pack monitoring 5.2!


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