Deleting Old Monitoring Indices

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I've noticed today that my monitoring cluster (single node) isn't deleting any old indices. I haven't changed any of the default settings ad I now find myself with indices going back several months, and a very full disk. I need to delete them and get the automatic deletion working.

So what can prevent the automatic deletion mechanism from working? Is there anywhere I can check to see why they haven't been deleting automatically after 7 days? Does the cluster health have to be green for example? I only have a single node for the monitoring cluster and as I haven't tampered with the monitoring templates, it still tries to create replica shards and leave them unallocated. Is this why the indices aren't being cleared out after 7 days perhaps?

Hi crickes,

The automatic deletion of old monitoring indices is available only for exporters of type local and the retention duration can be configured using the setting xpack.monitoring.history.duration if you have a non-basic license (see

This feature is not available when using http exporters, in this case you can use Curator.


@tanguy Thanks for the clarification.

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