Configuration Informations

Hello guys, I have an application that collects twits / reddit posts and other kind of informations. let's say 1000 documents are around 1mb of size.
I recently bought 2 servers with the following specs:
CPU: Intel® Xeon® Gold 6140 (2 dedicated cores)

I need some help for the configuration part like how many shards, replicas, how to scale, how many master nodes and similar stuff. I will need to install kibana on one of those servers to monitor constantly the documents. This dashboard will be accessed by many other memebrs too.
I would also appreciate to know if I need to buy more servers or or a server only for kibana etc etc...
Also, do I need to use logstash or filebeat to have an atomatic queue or should I send the data directly to elastic?

Thank you so much!

We use elastic search for terawork, and it's really saved us time with our searches.

It's faster than using sql, and it's easier to tweak searching criteria.

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